A special bug put Sussex’s opening County Championship match at a risk

The first match or Sussex’s County Championship which is going to be played on 8th April, has decided to make some changes in the stadium. The match was initially supposed to be played in Hove, at the County Cricket Ground but unfortunately due to some reasons, the venue might change to Emirates Old Trafford.

When the Inspection of the stadium was done, it was found that the field of the stadium was damaged due to crane flying larva because of which playing on that ground won’t be possible. After the first match of the club which is going to be played on 8th April, there will be another series which will be starting from 29th of April this year. The next matches are finalized to be played at Old Trafford in Manchester.

The Inspection of the ground will be soon done as if the ground turns out to be not perfect for the match, another stadium will be finalized and the preparations have to be done. As per one of the officials of Sussex, the decision has to be taken soon as it will take time for other people to make adjustments.

It is not the first time that Sussex has faced such issues. It has happened in past too where the club had to deal with bugs. Though insecticides have worked in earlier times. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom government has banned the use of insecticides which has resulted in an increase in bugs issues.

Do you think, The matches will be able to be played at the County Cricket Ground in Hove?

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