AB De Villiers top four records in the IPL history

The superman cricket player from South Africa, Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, is the most loved cricket in this world. ABD is one of the players who is a gentleman of the game on the field and off. IPL is such a successful tournament because it has a player like AB De Villiers in it. It is the privilege of the IPL that a player like AB De Villiers plays this franchise cricket tournament.

ABD is the one player who everyone on the TV sets watches. He is the one who plays the game with the right spirit. ABD is also known as a 360-degree batsman because he can play all types of shorts, and he always is one step ahead of the bowler.

ABD anticipates the delivery before the bowler bowls. He can read the bowler’s mind, which is why he is the most dangerous batsman in a format like T20, where there are under more pressure than the batsmen.

ABD is a terrific fielder as well, and he is the perfect team man for his country and franchise. The ability to hit is an unmatched quality of ABD because he hits it stays hit. The ball has gone out of the stadium many times when ABD has smashed a maximum in the IPL.

Today in this segment, we shall bring you the top four records of the Indian Premier League made by AB De Villiers –

AB De Villiers
AB De Villiers

Most catches by a fielder in IPL – Apart from being a terrific batsman, AB DE Villiers is also known for his fielding in the International and Indian Premier League history. His batting skills are talked about, but very few people speak about his capabilities of ground fielding. In the IPL 2016 season, AB De Villiers took 19 catches as a fielder, which is the most in any season by any fielder.

He went past his mate David Miller, who took the most catches in the IPL season. ABD was awarded as the best fielder and his batting in that season was supreme. In that season, ABD scored 687 runs in just 16 matches with a strike rate of 168.79.

ABD had also mashed the second most sixes in that season. He had scored 37 sixes, and he was behind Virat Kohli, who had an outstanding IPL 2016 season. Kohli single-handedly overshadowed ABD’s brilliance. But ABD never cared about records, and we all know that the more he plays, the records will be broken.            

The most matches played by an overseas player in the IPL –  AB De Villiers has been a consistent player to be part of the Indian Premier League since its inception in 2008. He had a record for playing the most matches in the IPL by an overseas player.

ABD was never injured or dropped due to his poor form. He had played 141 matches as an overseas player, which is the most in this cash-rich league tournament. MI’s Kieron Pollard is the second on this list. He had made 132 appearances for his franchise till now. 

More than one highest partnership for any wicket – AB always delivers the best for his team. Whether it is for South Africa or Royal Challengers Bangalore, ABD has been a special player for his teams. This record will tell us that AB De Villiers is an outing player in every aspect of the game. He is the only player who has scored the two highest partnerships of the IPL.

In the IPL 2016 season,  ABD and Virat Kohli shared a massive stand against Gujarat Lions for the second wicket. In IPL 2014 season, DE Villiers shared another stand with Yuvraj Singh. Yuvi and ABD had put on 132 runs when RCB had lost Virat Kohli and Vikay Zol early in the innings. Then these two power hitter stabilized the innings with a gusty stand. ABD was dismissed in the last over for 58 runs, and Yuvi had scored 83 runs in that match against Rajasthan Royals.

The most partnerships for any wicket – AB DE Villiers has bailed the team out in many situations. He has played a role of an anchor, and he has liked to be in the role of a second filled as well. In IPL, ABD and Kohli had delivered magic when they took Bangalore to the victory line twice. ABD shares good communication and understanding with the Indian Skipper Virat Kohli.

The RCB duo loves to play with each other, and they complement each other well. They are also the quickest runners between the wickets, so they are such successful players in the world. In the IPL 2016 season, Virat and ABD shared a mammoth stand of 229 runs against the Gujarat Lions.

This stand of 229 runs is the highest partnership in the IPL’s history. Both the batsmen ended up with their centuries. ABD scored 129 runs while Kohli smashed 109 runs.

The second partnership between Kohli and ABD was against Mumbai Indians, which came in the IPL 2015 season. The unbeaten stand of 215 runs took the game away from MI. ABD smashed his best IPL score of 133 runs while Kohli was not out on 82 runs. RCB won both the encounters by a mammoth margin.      

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