After bowled out at 15 runs A Team won the Test match by 155 runs

Cricket is not a game of bat and ball. Not all games are won by taking good catches and saving crucial runs. But the game is unpredictable, and anything can happen on the field. Even the wonders happen on the Cricket field. The team who are supposed to win the match end up winning it by a handsome margin.

Today we shall let our fans know about the incident that occurred 99 years ago. A team who was bundled out for just fifteen runs ended up winning the match by 155 runs. This was a miracle that happened in a test match played on June 16th, 1922, and it was played between Hampshire and Warwickshire at Edgbaston.

The innings for Hampshire lasted only for 8.3 overs, and they scored just 15 runs in their first innings. The two bowlers of Warwickshire took all the wickets of the Hampshire batsmen. But still won the match by 155 runs by batting second, and the number tenth batsman scored a century in this game. Batting first, Warwickshire scored 223 runs due to 70 runs scored by Freddy Kaltrope and 83 runs scored by Fredicks Santall.

After bowled out at 15 runs A Team won the Test match by 155 runs
Warwickshire and Hampshire at Edgbaston

The Hampshire team had a follow-on in their innings, and they were in trouble during their second innings. They lost six wickets for just 177 runs, and it was sure that Warwickshire would win the match.

But the tables turned as Hampshire’s wicketkeeper-batsman Walter Livesey guided the team’s score towards 171, and they kick on from that position. The keeper-batsman and Brown added 177 runs for the nine-wicket, which helped to pile the 521 runs. Hampshire had set a target of 314, which was not chance by the Warwickshire batsmen, and they lost the Test match by 155 runs.  

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