After GT & LSG, These Teams Have The Chance To Qualify For Playoffs, Detailed Statistics Inside

There are four more matches left in the IPL. But so far, only two teams (Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants) have secured their places in the play-offs. Five teams are fighting for the other two seats.

In the last four matches, it will be decided which two teams will go to the play-off. But there are numbers for him. All five teams have opportunities. Some more, some less.

Rajasthan Royals:

Rajasthan is leading the fight to reach the play-offs as the third team. Sanju Samson has 17 points in 13 matches. Their biggest advantage is the net run rate. They are far ahead in that judgment (+0.304).

If they can beat Chennai Super Kings in their last match, Rajasthan will not only advance to the play-offs but will also be the second team on the list to top Lucknow. 

If Rajasthan loses in the last match and Delhi and Bangalore win on the other side, all the three teams will have 16 points. In that case, Rajasthan will be in the top four in terms of run rate.

Delhi Capitals: 

Delhi has 14 points from 13 matches. Rishabh Panth will have 16 points if they lose to Mumbai Indians in the last match. Their run rate (+0.255) is also quite good. But if Delhi loses and Bangalore wins, they will not be able to advance to the play-offs. So if they lose their match, Delhi will have to pray that Virat Kohli loses their last match. 

Even if Punjab Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad win, the margin of victory should not be too much. Because if all four teams have 14 points, Delhi will go to the play-offs according to the run rate.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: 

Virat Kohli has 14 points from 13 matches. The last match was against Gujarat Titans at the top of the league list. Bangalore will have to win that match. They have to pray for Delhi to lose their last match.

Because Delhi’s run rate (+0.255) is much better than Bangalore’s (-0.323). So if both the teams win, Bangalore will not be in the play-offs.

Punjab Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad:

Both teams have 12 points from 13 matches. They will face each other in the last match. In other words, if they want to get to the playoffs, they have to win their matches first. The run rate of both teams is terrible.

So they have to pray that Bangalore and Delhi lose by a significant margin. Then they will have a chance to go to the play-off.

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