Anil Kumble headed committee recommends the ICC not to make any changes to the umpire’s call rule

Recently, we have seen some issues related to umpire calls in cricket. Many a time it has happened that umpire made a wrong call which led to big effect in the team. Cricket has taken things to the next level and it’s not possible every time for an umpire to see everything perfectly which sometimes results in the wrong call.


Also, in one of the matches of the five-match T20 series against England, the Indian team was batting and Suryakumar Yadav was on the strike. Suryakumar got caught out by an English player in which Umpire gave them out decision. But when the team asked for a review, it was found that the player has dropped the ball and the ball touched the ground. Kohli got disappointed with the umpire’s decision and also made a statement after the match regarding changing the rules.

The umpire’s wrong decision has affected the matches and their results a lot of time in the past. Especially with the LBW decision where the players completely depend upon the umpire. One of the biggest disadvantages of the umpire’s call is that if an umpire has given a decision, the decision can’t be changed even if it’s a wrong decision. Hence it causes big issues in important matches.


One of the Umpires in Indian Cricket, Nitin Menon also spoke on the matter and his views were in favor of what Kohli suggested. According to Menon, if Umpire is not completely sure, he can give a probable decision which can be changed noting that the umpire wasn’t fully sure about the decision and he might be wrong. Menon added that a final call by Umpire should be there as it’s not necessary that the technology would be right every single time.

While Menon suggested making changes in the rules, former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble suggested that there should not be any change in the rules. The old rules are very much perfect and should not be changed. Anil Kumble along with Rahul Dravid, Mahela Jayawardene, Shaun Pollock, etc suggested ICC stick to the old rules. 

A lot of discussions were made regarding the rules and many of the people and officials provided their views on the matter. So far, there has not been any declaration regarding the changes in the rules. Do you think the rule about the umpire’s final call should be changed?

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