Are Big Partnerships Overrated in T20 Cricket?

IPL 2020 showed us that there is no weak team or strong and nothing certain till the final over. 

Punjab’s last match with Rajasthan had shown that the openers Mayank and KL Rahul can score 200+ without any hesitation. But, the question arises is why did KL Rahul play slowly while Mayank was the hit-man?

Was The Tactic Really Helpful?

Kings XI Punjab had put up a score of 223 in their first inning. Viewers thought that the match was in the captain Rahul’s grasp where his bowlers would play the RR batsmen like puppets and ultimately win the match.

Despite playing such aggressively Mayank Agarwal scored a monstrous century in just 50 balls Punjab lost the match.

Are Big Partnerships Overrated in T20 Cricket?
Are Big Partnerships Overrated in T20 Cricket?

While the skipper KL Rahul was just planning to take singles and doubles scoring 69 runs off 54 balls before he was sent back. Now, what do you think guys KL should have put the balls away through the boundaries?

Well, this tactic of one player showering the sixes and fours and the other just taking singles has become very outdated. Having this kind of mindset in the field will only do harm to the team.

Most international players follow this type of tactic especially in one-day internationals where there are enough overs. If you compare the match then you might notice that the RR batsmen were all smashing the ball and putting them away to the boundary.

Considering the same, it gets pretty evident that this could be the main reason for winning the game. Furthermore, an analysis done by IPL reveals the strategy of batsmen playing together.

It suggests that when one of the batsmen is striking well, then it’s not in the team’s interest for their partner to play below their potential. 

Can say that Rahul did play well and it was necessary for him to play slowly. What do you think guys about this? Share your thoughts with us. 

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