In today’s era, things are no more different than a movie. The things which we thought might only happen in a movie, are happening in real life. Recently, the Australian cricketer Stuart Macgill got kidnapped. Not only he got kidnapped by the kidnappers also extorted money from him in order to release him. The incident took place in Sydney, Australia.

However, the policemen got no clue about the kidnappers so far. All they know is that the kidnapper was a 50-year-old man. So far police have found that the victim was seen by someone at Sydney’s north shore on 14th April.


There were two men who get the victim into a car and took him to Bringelly. After taking him there, the kidnappers threatened him. Right after some time, not more than an hour, those people released the victim somewhere in the city.

Though as per the reports, the player was badly assaulted and threatened while kidnapped. The incident took place on 14th April but the complaint was made six days later.

After all the search and investigation, the police got 4 men arrested. Two of them were in their late 20s, one in their early 40s and another in their mid-40. We currently don’t know whether any charges have been put on them or not.

So far the guys have only been arrested. One Police get permission, they will go to their houses for further investigation and look if they can find something which can help them in the case.

Whatever happened was very bad with the cricketer. Fortunately, nothing worse happened as he was released soon. Macgill was a very good player on the Australian cricket team.

He has played around 44 test matches in his career where he took 208 wickets which is quite a good average of approximately 4 wickets per match. There are only three players in Australian cricket history who have taken more wickets than Macgill.

MacGill retired from cricket in 2008. Though he tried to make a comeback after three years with Big Bash League. But at the age of 42 years, things are obvious to not work out well. Do you think Macgill could have made more records if he had not retired?

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