While some of the Pakistan players like Sami Aslam, etc. are leaving the country cricket and are going abroad to give a fresh start to their career, players from the foreign countries are also giving Pakistan Cricket a go and are keen on playing from the country’s side. 

One such player is the Australian right-arm fast bowler, Aaron Summers who will be the first Australian ever to play Pakistan Domestic Cricket. However, the 24-year-old cricketer has played before for the Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League 2019.

Aaron’s Entry is Appreciatingly Anticipated!

The Pakistan Cup 2021 begins on the 8th of January 2021. And one of the teams that are participating in the Cup is Southern Punjab for which the Australian player, Aaron has been signed. Thanks to the rule which goes like the domestic teams of Pakistan are allowed to choose one foreign player and the team Southern Punjab has pointed its finger on Aaron Summers and they had to request to PCB a month before his selection and the PCB gave Southern Punjab a green light to select Aaron.

Aaron’s game in the Pakistan Super League T20 Competition 2019 was not up to the mark and hence he was not selected this year for the PSL. Aaron has also played for Hobart Hurricanes in the Twenty20 cricket BBL (Big Bash League). While coming to Pakistan for the Cup Aaron seems excited and has shared his picture on Twitter of him standing at the airport. 

Here is the post he shared,

and describing his eagerness he also tweets,

The Pakistan Cricket Board media also shared celebratedly and wished welcome to Aaron to Pakistan, 

Aaron wants to add to his skills!

Aside from this, Aaron expressed his thoughts about playing in the Pakistan Cup, he says that Pakistan is a cradle for the pace bowlers and he wishes to be a faster bowler himself simultaneously he wants to play his part in leading his team Southern Punjab to the victory.

Former Pakistan Cricketer, Nadeem Khan said in a statement that he wants Pakistan Domestic Cricket’s Structure to be mighty and testing that it can be beneficial to native cricketers and at the same time allure cricketers from other countries as well and help the Pakistan players to develop an interacting and integrating attitude towards the foreign players.


Aaron also said that he thinks that Pakistan is the place where he can refine his talent and be an even enhanced and better version of himself. 

The first match of the Pakistan Cup 2021 is between Balochistan and Northern Punjab on the 8th of January in Karachi.

So,stay put for now and hope for the best.

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