Ben Stokes Says He And His England Mates Will Find It Difficult To Participate In The Reminder Matches Of The IPL 2021 Season

Ben Stokes, the star all-rounder of the Rajasthan Royals franchise, says that it will be difficult for him to participate in the reminder season of the IPL 2021. Ben feels difficulty in joining whenever the remaining 31 matches resume because of the International cricket calendar.

The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League was postponed for an indefinite period. After the first half of this season, the COVID 19 virus scare had breached the bio bubbles of the players and the support staff members.

Now BCCI is looking to complete the rest of the 31 matches in other venues after the overseas countries have offered to host the remainder of this IPL 2021 season.

Ben Stokes was ruled out of the tournament after he fractured his finger in the opening game of the Rajasthan Royals franchise when they took the Punjab Kings team. But the RR fans hope that the ace all-rounder from England will return to play in this cash-rich league tournament whenever it is resumed.

Ben Stokes said that they don’t know when the tournament will start again, and the ECB already said that it would be difficult for the England players to rejoin the franchises as they may not find a gap to play this cash-rich league tournament. 

Stokes will join the tournament next year, and he hopes to participate in all fixtures of the IPL. The fractured finger of Stokes had given him a huge setback. He had finger surgery, and he hopes to return to the cricket field after seven to nine weeks. 

Stokes said that he doesn’t know when he will start playing again. But he hopes that things progress well for his comeback. Ben doesn’t know when this finger would heal and how strong the bone would be. He also mentioned the confidence is also key when a player makes his comeback after a long layoff.

It was difficult for Stokes to say goodbye to his mates of the Rajasthan Royals franchise. But, it was earlier than he expected, and now the postponement of the tournament has given all the players a chance of being with their family and kids as India has been in difficult times fight the second wave of the COVID 19.

We expect Ben Stokes to play a crucial role for England in the upcoming five-match Test series against India, starting from August 4th, 2021, at Trent Bridge and the World T20, which will be played later this year, from October to November 2021.      

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