Brazil Manufactures Its Cricket Bats After The Shortage

The cricket pregame in Brazil was about to take a hit because of the shortage of cricket bats. However, it was saved because they decided to make and manufacture the cricket bats in their own country.

The former cricket player of England is the current president of Cricket Brazil. He approached a carpenter to make an English willow or something the same as the cricket bat.

Luiz Roberto Francisco, the carpenter, had the experience of making chairs, tables, and cupboards. He doesn’t do it at the start because there were many problems in cutting the wood and the machining. The wooden piece was not just lathed and turn. But the work was more than it looked.

The carpenter turned his wooden workshop into a bat factory, and he has produced 80 bats during the pandemic of COVID 19. The bats were used by the young cricket players of Brazil who played the new versions of T10 and T20 cricket in the country.

The cricket missionary moved to Brazil for 21 years, and now they have the batting nets and bowling machines for the kids who could learn the game. As a result, the country’s females have built an interest in playing the game, and the women of Brazil have won five matches of the South American championship. 

The Lords Cricket ground supplied Brazil with bats, balls, and pads. The youngster of that country was learning about the Yorkers, square drive, and silly mid-off. But the pandemic in the world and Brazil has stopped the cricket learning activities, and they needed a permanent solution.

Brazil needed 15 to 30 bats because many of them wanted to play cricket in their country. Now 5000 people are willing to learn and play cricket, and after the Corona Virus goes, the amount will go up to 33 thousand.

The imported bats are used by the top leveled players. But the bats made from Francisco are useful for kids to shape their batting skills. Those bats were also known as the Brazilian shots. The innovative drive involves a shot on the leg side.

Brazil is still known for football, not cricket. That is why it was difficult for them to arrange bats. The wood they used now is 187 years old, and they cannot get that willow. So the carpenter was told to manufacture the bats for the country. He did a great job despite having the starting troubles. So now Brazil also plays the gentlemen’s game.

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