Champions League: why are Bayern Munich favorites to win the final?

According to the specialists, based on a thorough analysis and the latest market shares, Bayern Munich is the favorite to take home the ‘Orejona.’ The Bavarians have a probability of winning in 90 minutes of play of 47%, while 23% give a draw, and 30% goes to PSG.

And the fact is that Bayern’s fearsome streak (21 consecutive victories) and his 11 goals in the last two games (eight against Barcelona in the quarterfinals and three against Lyon in the semis) give him a candidate. So much so that the Germans’ chances of being the absolute champions increase to 64%, over a 42% chance of the French to win this title.

PSG clings to Neymar

Neymar has been decisive for Thomas Tuchel’s team to reach its first Champions League final. In fact, against Leipzig, ‘Ney’ made 80 touches to the ball, an assist, twelve won duels, two key steps, and an 85% effectiveness in each of his passes.

Champions League: why are Bayern Munich favorites to win the final?
Champions League: why are Bayern Munich favorites to win the final?

Another of the weapons of the Parisian cast resides in the attack shown in the semifinals. Neymar was accompanied by Kylian Mbappé and Ángel Di María. Without reference 9, PSG can hurt Bayern Munich’s defense.

Robert Lewandowski, the key to the goal

Robert Lewandowski has been uncovered in this Champions League. With 15 goals, the Pole is 2 behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s record. ‘Lewan’ has a 55% chance of scoring a goal at any time of the game, a higher figure than that of Kylian Mbappé (43%) and Neymar (38%).

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