Cricket Australia stands by India to fight COVID-19 catastrophe

The Covid-19 scenario in Indian is going very bad day by day. More and more people are getting tested positive for the virus. Even the death rates due to the Coronavirus have increased.

Though the vaccines have been discovered, it looks like they are not strong enough to save people. The situations are so bad that patients are not even getting a bed in the hospitals because all the beds in the hospitals are already occupied.



Recently, we saw a huge scarcity of oxygen cylinders in the country and last month, a lot of oxygen plants have been installed. India still needs much money to help the people fight Coronavirus. A lot of people are donating money to different charities and trusts in order to help to fight Covid-19.

Also, Australian Cricket and many of the countries have contributed to UNICEF Australia to support the Covid-19 crises in India. Many of the players from the Indian cricket team and Indians actors have also contributed money to support the government.

The vice-captain of the Australian cricket team, Pat Cummins donated 50000$ last week. Cricket Australia has also donated the same amount as Pat Cummins. As per Australia Cricket’s CEO Nick Hockley, Indians and Australians are very close by heart and their love for cricket has made their friendship even stronger.

He added that it was very sad to hear about the current scenario of Covid-19 where people are dying drastically. Many of the Indians are suffering badly and whatever they can do to help the country fight the crisis, they would do.

The UNICEF Australia’s Covid-19 appeal for India has the aim to install more and more oxygen plants in the hospitals and provide support to the Covid suffering people in the country.

If we see about the causes, the main reason for people dying at such a rate was the unavailability of oxygen and beds in the hospitals. Also, a new medicine named ‘Remdesiver’ has been discovered which is very helpful in treating the virus but it is also not available in such a quantity to help everyone.

India is reporting more than 3.5 lacs positive cases of Covid-19 every day. So, the total number of positive cases in India totals around 2 crores.

However, even in such a crisis, the Indian Premier League is going on and fortunately, none of the players has been tested positive so far. IPL is the only source of entertainment left for people currently. The IPL will end by the end of the month. By the way, do you think the Covid-19 pandemic will end by the end of the second quarter of the year?

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