Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham’s teenage granddaughter is Miss England hopeful!

Hello cricket lovers! We all have dreams some of us accomplished them while some us not and all we need to achieve our dreams is support and hard work. Now, if anyone has parents support as well as grandparent support, isn’t it like icing on the cake, yes it is!

Today, we’ll put a glance at the granddaughter of legendary Sir Ian Botham named Imami-Jayne Botham who is in the Miss Yorkshire heat and hopes to go for the national title of Miss England. 

The 19-year-old beautiful and sexy sister of four brothers wasn’t sure at first but was later on supported by her superb mommy and his cool cricketer grandpa! She didn’t reveal everything to his grandpa but definitely knows that whatever the situation is, his grandpa is always been there for her!

Frankly, can you imagine the love and pampering given to the only granddaughter in the whole family! It’s seriously astonishing and unimaginable. Similarly, along with being a sister of four brothers, she is the only granddaughter among the eight grandchildren.

Role of grandpa Ian!

Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham’s teenage granddaughter is Miss England hopeful!
Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham’s teenage granddaughter is Miss England hopeful!

Ian Botham, who is a former English cricketer and nowadays an English cricket commentator as well as a member of the House of Lords, is now 65 and couldn’t able to spend quality time with his adorable wife Kath and three charming children due to his unconditional love for cricket and grueling schedule!

But now at the age of 64, he always feels proud and glad to spent time with his eight remarkable grandchildren and he loved them more than everything in this world!

How did she become Miss England in this pandemic!

As this pandemic destroys and halted every filming in this world similarly this so-called virus also disturbs Miss England’s nominations! This year, Miss England’s heats are online only and all the regional winners going on to the national final next April. 

All the entrants have to shoot a video of themselves wearing a dazzling cocktail dress and once she finishes her degree, she will start working in fashion or marketing in London!

Nowadays she is in uni and hoping to get back home till Christmas and wants to share his grandpa’s wine, frankly, she’s a rose drinker but when it’s about his grandpa’s wine, she’s always ready! 

Hence, let’s see whether the Imani will become Miss England or not, and to know this stay tuned and keep in touch folks! 

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