Before the Indian Premier League got started, Pakistan also announced their Pakistan Super League which made it a call for many of the players in the world.

As both the tournament were held simultaneously, it was not possible for any player to play for both teams. So as a result, some of the players did go for the Pakistan Super League while some went for the Indian Premier League.

At that time, the South African cricketer Dale Steyn made a statement that he chose the PSL over IPL as PSL is more rewarding than IPL. He also added that the IPL is only about money and not about a game.

After his tweet, a lot of people trolled him on Twitter. Also, things initially didn’t work out for Steyn as the PSL was halted for some time. So, people trolled him again for choosing PSL over IPL.

As the Covid-19 cases were increasing in Pakistan, the cricket board of Pakistan announced that PSL will be delayed as they couldn’t risk the safety of any player.

However, things are good in Pakistan now and the board is planning to hold the tournament from 1st June with taking all the safety measures. On the other hand, the Covid-19 cases in India have increased drastically.

Some of the players in the tournament have also tested positive due to which, Indian cricket boars have decided to postpone the rest of the matches till no specific date. Almost 30 matches were played before the announcement was made. Though the board has said that the matches will be played sometime in the future, they are not canceled.

As the announcement has been made, Dale Steyn who was trolled by Indians, got his chances to take his revenge. One of the fans made a tweet when the PSL got postponed where he wrote that Steyn got some time more to decide which league shall he join, PSL or IPL. Recently, Steyn replied to his tweet with a ‘hi’.

Steyn also made another tweet where he wished safety for all his country players who are currently in India. Hopefully, all the players who came from different countries to play in the Indian Premier League get back to their homes safely as we have no idea when the matches will be played.

When do you think the Indian Premier League will again be played?

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