Did Shane Warne Died Due To Excessive Alcohol? Manager Speaks

Veteran Australian cricketer and legendary spin bowler Shane Warne has died of a heart attack at a hotel in Thailand. Many blame Shane Warne’s bad habits as he died of a heart attack at 52. Many speculate that Shane Warne may have had a heart attack due to alcohol and narcotics.

However, the report now states that Shane Warne was watching cricket when he had a heart attack. And then he had plans to go to dinner with his friend. But during the match, Warne had a heart attack.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Shane Warne’s business manager gave him 20 minutes of CPR to rescue him. In the report, Warne’s manager James Erskine, 52, who had been Warne’s manager for many years, told Herald that Warne was not drinking when he was found unconscious by friend Andrew Neofitau.

Andrew is the executive producer of a recently released documentary and was at Warne’s hotel in Thailand for a pre-scheduled dinner. According to the report, Shane Warne was watching a historic match between Australia and Pakistan on TV when he had a heart attack. They came for a holiday at the resort Koh Samui in Thailand. And then they were going to England for the necessary work.

James Erskine, Shane Warne’s business manager, said he was scheduled to meet some people at 5 p.m. Neo was in the front room, and he was on time as usual. Neo felt that Warne was not feeling well. After which he tried to breathe mouth to mouth, tried to resuscitate him, his heart stopped beating, the ambulance arrived 20 minutes later, and an hour later he was pronounced dead.

According to James, Warne was not drinking because of dieting. They were on holiday and were not drinking because he was on a diet to lose weight. Everyone thinks Warne drank too much. But this doesn’t seem right. He did not drink much alcohol. He did not drink alcohol and never took narcotics.

In addition, James said, the things Warne loved to do were to do them. He loved to play poker, a lot of golf, and be with his children. After Warne’s death, their children, Brooke, Summer, and Jackson, broke up. Warne’s father visited the grandson on Saturday and consoled him.

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