Samara Afzal is a full-time doctor and a well-known part-time cricketer. She is one of the first Asian women to play cricket for Warwickshire. England bowler Chris Woakes wore her name during the Test series with West Indies. 

Chris Woakes recognized Dr. Samara Afzal during a test series when he wore her name in the Raise the Bat initiative. 

To acknowledge the efforts and great deed, BBC has also filmed a short video with Samara Afzal about her journey in cricket. 

This video overwhelmed Dr. Samara Afzal and she expressed her emotions on Twitter stating that she felt delighted about this opportunity and thanked BBC for the feature. She also said that she hopes to inspire many more girls in the sport. Here is a tweet for your quick glimpse: https://twitter.com/SamaraAfzal

You can find the video starring Dr. Samara with her journey from the link: https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/cricket/53682280

Many people congratulated her for her success and many said that she is inspiring in a very unique way. She was appreciated by her followers and others for doing such a great job despite being a doctor who is having a very busy schedule. 

Dr. Samara Afzal is a role model as a strong, courageous, and determined lady. Her dedication inspires everyone to fight individually for what they want and need. 

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