Hi fans! As we all are well aware that COVID 19 is already breaking the motivation of the players and fans these days which is indeed disheartening.

On that note, recently, two players of England team are tested covid 19 positive which lead to postpone of One Day International series between England And South Africa which was scheduled to take place on Monday.

Not only that, recently it has been seen like a trend that the planning and scheduling of matches always gets into eyes, that is already bringing uncertainty among audience as well.

Reschedule Story!

The first match of the three-match series was scheduled to be played on Friday but was postponed after a player of the South Africa team tested positive for covid-19. 

The match was rescheduled for Sunday but right before the match, two staff members tested positive a few hours before the match. As a result, the match got postponed again.   

Entry of Infection!

It was not clear how the staff members got infected as all the safety measures were seriously taken and they were in the bio-secure area. 

The general manager of the hotel where all were staying has confirmed that all the members have been retested and are safe from any illness. All the other players and members of staff have been told not to leave their rooms until further notice for safety procedures.

Team England will have to return home without having played any of One Day Internationals. The decision of cancelling the series was taken mutually by both the countries’ cricket boards for the safety of their players. There are possibilities that the series will be played in the future at any stage.

Earlier the teams have played the T20 series without any Covid outbreak where England beat South Africa by 3-0.

The Safety of the players is more important than the game. In this crucial situation, everyone should take care of their wellbeing and ensure that they take all the necessary measures to prevent from getting infected from Covid-19. 

Hopefully, we might be able to watch the match live in the stadium one day.

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