Eoin Morgan, Jason Holder warn ‘bubble to bubble’ cricket isn’t sustainable

The coronavirus pandemic has been filled with challenges for every individual. Suddenly having a lockdown and then countries experiencing high amounts of deaths and daily increasing cases instilled a great amount of fear too among everyone.

People lost their jobs, the Poor’s lost their livelihoods and economic activity came to a sudden stop due to the pandemic and people have found it really hard to survive these tricky times.

It equally affected sports and sportsmen. In the virus period, all major tournaments were called off, including Olympics, the football’s European championship, cricket’s T20 World Cup, tennis grand slams, and many others.

It was a hard time for all the sportsmen to maintain their fitness during this period. Most of them were spending their time in the home workout uploading videos on social media and inspiring their fans to stay fit. 

Harsh restrictions for cricketers:

Eoin Morgan, Jason Holder warn 'bubble to bubble' cricket isn't sustainable
Eoin Morgan, Jason Holder warns ‘bubble to bubble’ cricket isn’t sustainable

After the lockdown was relaxed by the countries sports activity has resumed but with precautions and every player which plays has to stay in quarantine first for 14 days and then can participate in the practice session of his team.

Eoin Morgan has referred to it as detrimental for him and other players. He tells that players need to spend time with their families and with such restrictions it is hard to find a single day free.

Holder couldn’t visit his home:

Jason Holder agreed with Eoin Morgan and said that the schedule is really hard and he hasn’t seen his family for 5 months now as he didn’t get the chance to visit Barbados for a long time.

He had earlier been busy in the England tour, after that in the Caribbean premier league and now in the IPL, and with the quarantine period of 14 days he hardly has any time left for the family.

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