Every Cricketer Wants IPL This Year

Fate Of IPL, What Did Bhuvneshwar Kumar Say, And More!

In a recent interview famous cricketer Bhuvneshwar Kumar said: Every cricketer wants IPL this year. He also talked about the impact COVID-19 will have in the upcoming matches. Let’s learn more!

Current Situation With IPL

With all the sports around the world dealing with the problem of how and when to get back in action and cricket is facing similar issues. 

One of the most awaited events of the year IPL was also postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic till July but the event didn’t take place in July as well and was indefinitely postponed. However, recent news suggests that BCCI is looking for a way to conduct IPL in September-November. 

The boards need confirmation from the Indian Government however, even if the Government agrees to hold the event in September-November the matches will probably happen without any audience in the stadiums. 

What Happened with Bhuvneshwar Kumar?

A recent webinar was organized by Gain Access Sports & Entertainment and Sports Power. Bhuvneshwar was invited as well and he said “The IPL must happen,” he also said that IPL is important for both Cricketing reasons and financial as well for the players. 

As we know Bhuvneshwar returned to action after a 4-month gap due to an injury. The series that was ongoing against South Africa in which Bhuvenshwar made his return was abandoned as well due to the Pandemic. 

He also believed that all the players whether they are from India or other countries want to play at IPL as well. Bhuvneshwar was also concerned about the fate of swing bowlers like himself after the ICC’s Ban on using saliva on the ball. 

He said “I hope the ICC comes up with some artificial way by which we can shine the ball, you need to do it when you bowl in swinging conditions in (places like) England. Even the spinners need it.”


It seems that not only cricketing fans but also the cricketers are restless and want to go back to playing as soon as they can. However, all this depends on whether the COVID-19 situation improves or not in the upcoming days. 

We hope you stay safe and take all the necessary precautions when going out.

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