Former Pakistan Captain Agrees That IPL Is Far Better Than PSL

There are many types of T20 cricket leagues played in world cricket. Today there are many T20 leagues organized in almost every cricketing nation, but out of these, the Indian Premier League in India has a different name and popularity. Here the players get huge money and it is raining.

There Is No Existence Of Psl In Front Of Ipl

IPL has become such a brand of world cricket, where big stars of the country and abroad are drawn. Playing which cricketers consider nothing less than a dream. Where a lot of money rains on cricketers.

Along the lines of the biggest Kesrich LeagueIPL, the T20 league Pakistan Super League also started in the neighbouring country of Pakistan. Many foreign players play in the Pakistan Super League, but even after this, its level is nowhere compared to the IPL.

Salman Butt Admits That Ipl Is Different In Terms Of Money

It is often the Pakistan Cricket Board or former Pakistan veterans who consider the Pakistan Super League to be no less than the IPL, but eventually, a former Pakistan captain accepted the reality.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has found PSL nowhere in terms of money as compared to IPL. Salman Butt definitely praised the PSL and told the existence of both the leagues.

The Level Of Psl Is Not Ahead Of Ipl In Terms Of Money

Salman Butt said on his YouTube channel, “Comparing both the leagues is meaningless. The owners of the Pakistan Super League franchises are doing as much as they can with their limited resources.”

After this, the former Pakistani captain said that “I understand that both the leagues take proper care of their players and no one has ever complained about the PSL.”

“Pakistan league also has better quality if cricket aspects are concerned. But if we are comparing both the leagues in terms of their financial matters then it is pointless as the standards of both the leagues are very different. IPL cannot be compared with any league in the world in terms of money because it has a different level.”

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