Glenn Maxwell’s switch-hitting divides Australian cricket greats in India ODI series!!

 Nowadays only two teams are on the top of headlines i.e., India and Australia. And today we’ll put some glance on Glenn Maxwell’s switch-hitting which divides Australian cricket greats in India ODI series.

Switch hit means changing from right-hander to a left-hander just before the ball is delivered!

Now, the question is why Glenn Maxwell did it!

This wow switch-hit six was shot in third One-Day International against India at Manuka Oval in Canberra on 2nd December which literally amazed everyone, guys! 

And we think each and every cricket lover must watch his short tweeted video here,

 Insights of the Glen Maxwell’s shot!

Maxwell scored 45 and 63 runs in his side’s two wins last weekend and this superb player hit nine boundaries and seven tremendous sixes in the tournament. 

But, with ex-Test captain named Ian Chappell, his tactics failed. This was because, Chappell believes that switching instant from let to right hand or vice versa is totally an unfair practice. 

Once in 2008, Chappell stopped one batsman named Kevin Pietersen, changing their stance and at that time after a proper conversation, Lawmakers MCC said that, yes it incurs a great deal of risk for the batsman but at last this kind of switching benefits both the batsman to take runs and bowler to knock out the player, therefore this shot is totally fair!

To cope up with these kinds of batsman who swings any time, bowlers are required to adapt more tricky way! 

Even when Glenn shot six with this technique, he was incredibly happy and said that he love that person who approved the law of switch-hit.

Glenn’s this shot literally divided Australian cricket greats from India in ODI finale.

Honestly, it’s up to the batsman facility from which side he wants to batting, and bowlers too have benefits! 

So, don’t get puzzled and must watch the above short video and let us know your views.

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