Had ups and downs, but love for cricket kept me going: Dravid!!

Life is full of ups and downs and if someone is really passionate about his dreams then he can overcome any barrier to knock the goal!

Talking about struggles of life, Rahul Dravid, head of National Cricket Academy, who had faced a lot, in his cricket life, but his love for cricket never dies.

Journey of Rahul Dravid!

Honestly, a sportsman’s career is never smooth sailing, they have to face multitude of complexities, misjudgments and pitfalls and the one who crossed all these barricades will achieve the height! 

Everything depends on hard work and determination. 

In a TRUTHtalks series hosted by Satya Vigya and Desh Apnayen Sahayog Foundations, Dravid was invited as a guest speaker. There he was asked about how he kept himself going straight as a needle?

He beautifully replied that unconditional love for the game always make him stand in front of any problem. 

He also explores his views on coaching, he believes “coaching not just a cricketer but coaching a person.” 

Dravid always feels proud to be a cricketer and said that sport has made him what he’s today. Cricket teaches him all kinds of emotions and experiences. It is an outshone game in which you will face both victory and failure in public. 

Player must have guts to engulf the failure and improve his game more! But, we are certain that Dravid’s fans never skip to acknowledge and appreciate his actions and decisions. 

Whare are your views about Rahul Dravid? Let us know your view and stay tuned!

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