How To Knock In A Cricket Bat?

Before using a cricket bat, the willow wood on the striking surface must be compressed. A process is known as knocking. To start knocking on your cricket bat, you should tap your bat with the bat mallet.

If you don’t have a bat mallet, you can use your old cricket bat to tap your new one. Begin with tapping on the face of the cricket bat, approximately 25mm up from the toe of the bat.

But make sure that you don’t knock the toe, if you do so then the lower part of the bat will start cracking. It can take up to 20,000 whacks with a mallet to properly compress the wood, but this is necessary to ensure the bat is durable and game-ready.

What Is Knock In A Cricket Bat?

Modern, decent cricket bats are expensive. It would be imprudent to use them for batting without properly preparing them for the impact of the leather ball.

Frequently, the bat breaks after the first few hits, leaving the owner of the bat baffled as to what went wrong. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend what knocking-in is and how to do it properly. So what is the effect of knocking in on a cricket bat?

During the manufacturing process, each cricket bat is compressed. The pressing provides some conditioning and increases the bat’s power. A well-pressed bat is more durable. All cricket bats eventually break.

A proper knocking-in prolongs the bat’s life and prevents it from breaking after the first few impacts of the hard leather ball. In general, six hours of knocking is sufficient to complete the process. If performed correctly, knocking-in can significantly increase the bat’s durability.

Understanding the process of knocking in will ensure that you have a perfect bat when it is your turn to bat in a cricket match.

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It is not particularly difficult. All that is required is a meticulous approach, patience, and a great deal of controlled mallet striking – the knocking-in.

How To Knock In A Cricket Bat – Step-By-Step Guide

How To Knock In A Cricket Bat

First Step: Greasing The Cricket Bat

  • The first step of our process involves properly lubricating the bat with linseed or cricket bat oil. This is a crucial step because this oil has a hydrating effect on the bat. Without sufficient moisture, the cricket bat may crack or split.
  • Use sandpaper to clean the bat’s surface. If the bat is already clean, skip this step.
  • Then, apply two to three tablespoons of the oil evenly to the bat’s face, back, and edges. It is crucial that you use less oil and do not overdo it, as excessive oil use will do more harm than good and ultimately affect the vehicle’s performance. Therefore, two to three tablespoons are the appropriate Amount here. In addition, there is no need to oil the handle, splice, or label the bat.
  • Now, lay the bat horizontally, face-up, and allow it to dry for approximately 24 hours.
  • Some cricket bats include a protective cover known as “scuff.” If your bat comes with a lid, oiling it once is sufficient. If not, you must repeat the steps outlined above twice more.

Step 2: Initial Knocking-In Stage

  • Before you strike the cricket bat, you must remove any excess oil and ensure that it is completely dry. Use a soft cloth to remove any extra fat. The next step in strengthening a cricket bat involves knocking in the face of the bat.
  • Take hold of the mallet and begin striking the bat’s edges at a 45-degree angle. Ensure that you slowly and gradually increase your strikes’ force over time. Once the bat edges appear “rounded,” the process can continue. Now, strike the face of the cricket bat firmly, but do so with caution so as not to cause damage.
  • It would help if you devoted several hours to this.
  • Ensure that your knocking is consistent and uniform. Note that the bat’s splice does not require knocking.
  • The optimal strategy would be to begin by striking the bat’s edges and then move slowly up and down the center.
  • Also, it would be best if you exercise extreme caution when striking the bat’s edges and toe. Don’t assault these areas directly; instead, approach them slowly. Tap these areas lightly at first, and then gradually increase your pressure.

Step 3: Some Oiling

  • The next step in how to season a cricket bat is to oil the bat once more.
  • After roughly three to four hours of pounding the bat, apply a small amount of oil to lubricate it.
  • Let it dry, remove excess oil, clean it with sandpaper, and then begin knocking again.

Step 4: Final Knocking

  • Continue hitting the bat for a few more hours, or between two and three hours.
  • Then, you may cease your knocking. The total duration of knocking should be approximately six hours.
  • After completing the bat, test it by bouncing a ball on it. If seam marks or indentations appear on the bat, it is not fully knocked and will require an additional half-hour of hitting. If no effects appear, your bat is completely demolished.
  • Apply fiber tape to the edges of your bat, and then place an anti-scuff sheet over the top. Although these two accessories are optional, we strongly advise doing so.
  • Before actually using this bat to play, you should test it. Use a quality ball to give the bat practice catching. Follow these steps carefully to ensure that your bat is properly knocked.

Fifth Step: Playing In!

  • The final step in answering how to hit a cricket bat is to begin using it.
  • Even though you have successfully knocked and tested your bat, it will still require practice.
  • Request a bowler to throw you a few cricket balls made of high-quality leather. Start playing softly and utilize different bat parts. This is to examine every aspect of the bat.
  • Use an old ball to play initially.
  • We recommend that you have two playing-in sessions. Start playing slowly, and then gradually increase the tempo.

Why Does A Cricket Bat Need Knocking-In?

It is essential to understand why it must be knocked first.

The straightforward answer is that your cricket bat must be knocked in if you want it to last a long time without cracking and function well for a very long time. The knocking-in procedure increases its durability.

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In addition, the performance of a cricket bat is enhanced by proper knocking. If you do not use your new bat, you will have to get a new one quickly because it will become worn out. And you certainly do not want to find yourself in such a situation.

How To Knock In A Cricket Bat

Even though numerous hardening processes are used to create a cricket bat, it is still “soft” and not “game-ready” despite manufacturers’ overuse of this term. Softer bats are susceptible to breakage and have inferior performance.

And even though decent cricket bats are expensive, you would not want to waste that money.

If this has happened to you, you now understand why your bat cracked or wore out so quickly.

How Long Does It Take To Knock In A Cricket Bat?

For six hours, I depend on the flexibility of the willow. However, if extraction is utilized, the knocking-in process should not exceed four hours.

Initiate the knocking in by striking the blade with the mallet firmly but not violently, increasing the force after an hour.

How Do You Knock In A Cricket Bat Without A Mallet?

It is preferable to strike the bat with a mallet, even if it is a rubber mallet. However, you should be able to knock a bat even without a mallet. This article discusses various techniques for striking a cricket bat without a mallet.

There are several alternatives if you do not have a mallet and wish to knock in your cricket bat. Use an old cricket ball wrapped in a sock or an old cricket ball with a handle attached.

What Happens If You Don’t Knock A Cricket Bat?

If a cricket bat is not knocked in, the damage caused by a cricket ball can range from scuff marks to the wood splitting in half.

Even though knocking-in is a good way to protect your bat from any immediate damage caused by the ball, all cricket bats eventually succumb to wear and tear due to regular and consistent use.

However, knocking-in is a sure way to extend the lifespan of a bat by several years. A high-quality bat that is properly knocked in and well-maintained will be a worthwhile investment and can withstand some of the toughest bowling deliveries at any level.

How To Knock A Cricket Bat Without A Hammer?

Holding the bat in one hand, strike one edge of the bat with sufficient force using your dominant hand.

  • Do not strike the edges at a right angle. This reduces the bat’s striking surface and may cause damage.
  • You can strike the edges with an old cricket ball instead of a mallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Way To Knock In A Cricket Bat?

  • Pour one teaspoon (4.9 mL) of raw linseed oil onto the flat side of the bat to lubricate it. Apply the oil to the bat directly. Avoid getting fat on any decals or the bat’s handle. Linseed oil helps hydrate and soften the willow wood’s fibers, making the bat easier to compress.
  • Apply the oil to the wood using your hands or a soft cloth. As the entire flat area may come into contact with a cricket ball, it must be coated. Ensure that the oil is evenly distributed and does not pool on any portion of your bat.
  • Coat the edges of your bat with oil. Additionally, the bat’s edges will need to be knocked in and rounded, so applying oil to each bite is essential. Bring the oil a quarter-inch (6.4 mm) down the side of the bat and rub it into the edges with your finger.
  • Allow the oil to stand for 24 hours. Maintain your bat so that the oil can seep into the wood. Allow the oil to soak in for a full day until the surface is dry. Oil the bat twice more.
  • This will ensure that the wood is saturated with moisture, preventing the bat from cracking when struck with a mallet. Allow the oil to dry for 24 hours between each application.

2. How Do You Knock A Cricket Bat Quietly?

Have you tried the traditional method? Place a cricket ball inside a sock. Attach one end of a rope to the sock’s open back and the other end to a sturdy tree branch far away from people irritated by noise.

The string should fall perpendicular to the ground, with the ball suspended approximately 2 feet above the ground (depending on your height). Then proceed to strike the ball as many times as possible.

3. When Should You Knock A Cricket Bat?

After purchasing a new bat, the initial step is to knock it before using it.

4. How To Knock In A Cricket Bat With A Ball And A Sock?

It would help if you began knocking on your cricket bat by tapping it with a bat mallet. Use an old cricket ball in a sock as an alternative.

Tap the face of the cricket bat approximately 25mm up from the toe. This can accelerate the cracking of the bat’s lower half.

5. Can I Knock My Bat Without Using Oil?

You can; however, you will diminish the bat’s lifespan.

6. How Do I Know If My Bat Is Knocked-In?

Seam Marks:

The first is to subject it to a light impact with high-quality cricket balls. Increase the ball’s speed as you progress. If the ball’s seam does not leave any dents on the bat’s surface, then the bat is ready for actual play.

Bat Weight is lighter after Knocking-in:

Comparing the bat’s weight before and after knocking in is another simple but not foolproof method. A well-knocked-in bat would feel lighter than a brand-new bat due to the compression during the knocking-in process.

The sound of a cricket bat:

This is yet another indication of a well-struck bat. A properly broken-in bat would produce a confident, light sound upon contact with the leather ball, particularly at the sweet spot.

In contrast, a brand-new bat that has not been broken would produce a hollow sound when struck by a leather ball.

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