I Always Refused to Use Drugs’: Statement Passed By Shoaib Akhtar !!

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Until now, we all have been praising the techniques and strength of players, but recently the updates revealed the sad truth that cricketers are taking drugs to enhance their performance.

 However, the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar always refused to use drugs!

Shoaib loves to be in the headlines always, whether he’s playing or retired. And recently, he talked about the arrival in the cricket line when he was also provoked to take drugs to enhance his bowling speed like others, but he properly deject the proposal!

 Greatest bowlers of all time!

When you practice hard to achieve any goal then you will definitely achieve it one or the another day. Similarly, Shoaib practiced hard and becomes one of best pacer in the world without using any other bad habit.

In Shoaib’s time, some of his teammate thinks that without performance-enhancing drugs no one will able to bowl fast.

Nowadays, he is inspiring the young ones who newly arrived in this lane and don’t know the tactics. He urged the youngsters to stay away from drugs and told them to stay away from it!

Recently, he was invited as the guest of honor, in public event organized in Pakistan named Pakistan’s Anti Narcotics Forces, Shoaib states the use of drugs or other foul practices destroyed the life and career of many cricketers, he didn’t name them but inside he knows them. 

Akhtar also shared a stunning and knowledgeable post for his fans and other youngsters on Twitter, which you all may watch out here,


He’s known for his tremendous wave like seaming and his raw pacing due to which he holds the record of fastest bowling in ODI cricket and also shows his skills in 2002 game against New Zealand, where he shot the ball with a speed of 161 kph.

In his 14-years of career, he overall shows his presence in 46 Tests, 163 ODIs and 15 T20Is and took 444 international wickets, which is seriously outstanding, guys! 

This Rawalpindi cricketer, with his terrific batting and raw pace, played his last international game for his loving country Pakistan in 2010.

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