India hesitant to play Brisbane Test game in tough quarantine

The ex-Australian all-rounder, Andrew Symonds speculates the BCCI (a.k.a Board of Control for Cricket in India) and Indian squad may ultimately reap their path to the ground where the fourth and ultimate Test game against Australia. 

Team India is believed to be hesitant to play the ultimate Test clash between the two in Brisbane as a result of the extreme restriction of quarantine laws in the town. The cricketers will have to stay in a strict isolation and they won’t be authorized to depart their squad hotel to do anything other than training.

The Queensland administration has developed rigorous laws for those tripping to the city from Sydney. A prominent outburst of COVID cases was newly documented in the northern regions of Sydney therefore the Queensland administration has retained a strict posture over the quarantine laws and the Indian squad are not an oddity.

Therefore, the guests desire to play two consecutive matches in Sydney itself rather than directing to Brisbane for the ultimate Test clash if in case, the quarantine laws are not alleviated. Ex-Australian all-rounder, Andrew Symonds was inquired for his opinions on India’s hesitation to play the ultimate game in Brisbane. He named BCCI an influential committee and told that he can’t discern Indian squad and BCCI, the Indian board of cricket not obtaining their means against the Queensland administration.


He stated that if they had ever confronted to Indian board, BCCI? They possess an enough influential power over others. In the end, it all depends on the Queensland administration whether they will entertain them to do so. However, he doesn’t see the administration denying the request and the Indians not getting according to their means.  

Recently, Queensland’s Health Shadow Minister Ros Bates rose up with a harsh reaction on the likelihoods of the Indian squad earning an anomaly from the rigorous quarantine laws in Brisbane. Ros Bates stated the Indian squad must not arrive to the Brisbane if in case, they don’t wish to play by the laws and obey the protocols.

Nonetheless, as per news, there was no plea for a modification on the venue for the ultimate test still from the Indian committee and they are looking forward to the  Brisbane Test game until now.

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