India- Shane Warne Wants Some Change In T20 Cricket

Shane Warne- Australian legend used to impart his suggestions regarding the Cricket. At present, he has suggested via tweet a slight tweak in the rules of T20 cricket. 

The Australian legend expresses that the bowlers should give an allocation of five overs in the innings rather than four.

The possibilities of fair competition between bat and ball will increase he strongly believes. He commented, reportedly he was amazed by the way Jofra and Mark Wood were bowling in the early overs. 

This situation made him think whether the bowlers should be given moreover in the shorter format. Warner commented, “What do you think four bowlers bowl five over?” 

India- Shane Warne Wants Some Change In T20 Cricket
India- Shane Warne Wants Some Change In T20 Cricket

He added, “As per me it would be a better struggle between bat and ball. This idea will be a success  if you want best bowlers bowling as much as possible T20.” “At the time you get awesome bowlers like these you should give them in front of you.” 

The fellow commentator of Warne’s and former England captain in Michael Artherton looks interested in the idea. “It’s an interesting proposal. Warne always gives fecund creativity when it comes to cricket.

I keep trying to think on disadvantages and could it possible opposite sincere all-rounders?” – expressed by Artherton. “That will give the dynamic, players rather than an opportunity to shape the game.”

As we see the recent rules, a bowler is permitted to bowl four overs in a T20 game. An idea of adding the extra over will make the competition level up as the spinners who seep runs could be brought back with two overs lastly. 

Additionally, the bowlers could get a hold of overs at the middle point throughout the match. So, 

Let’s wait for the new rules will be taken place or not. We think it is an amazing idea, do you? 


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