India vs Australia – ‘Test cricket needs patience’: Pujara defends strategy on Day 1!

Each and every game demands patience whether it’s an indoor game or outdoor! 

Recently, an India international cricketer Cheteshwar Pujara, who only plays Test match for Indian team passed a statement ‘Test cricket needs patience’ while playing in first Test match against Australia on 17th December. 

About the match!

Before touching the depth of the news, first overview about the first Test match of the four-test series. Team India scored 244 runs and defeat Australia by 31 runs. 

On the first day-night match Pujara scored 43 runs and at last knock out by Nathan Lyon.

Pujara took 148 balls to get his first boundary and considering this case, on Thursday’s match with pink ball he batted slowly! 

But, Pujara clearly states that he gave his best and was totally satisfied by his performance!

‘Test cricket needs patience’

After match, one asked if he felt that he could have paced his innings better than he did?

The Saurashtra man with zero hesitation replied, Not at all!

He said that they were in a good position and played very well by defending 41 in first session and 66 in the second. It was a good Test match and there were zero regrets about anything!

According to him, a team must not lose wickets when the ball is swinging.

In post match interview, he passed the patience statement continuing, that if the wicket is flat then you may act aggressively but when it’s helping the bowlers, you must be calm and can’t play a lot of shots! 

He concluded his speech while thanking duo Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane who provide a “little bit of advantage’ to Australia!

So, what’s your opinion about Pujara’s game! Share your views and stay tuned for more updates

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