India vs Pakistan Rivalry to Resume in 2021? PCB Asked to be Prepared For Bilateral Series

It’s been long years since the Indian cricket team played against Pakistan in a bilateral series. The cricket matches have been suspended since 2012 between both countries. However, there are rumors that both the countries will again play cricket matches against each other this year.

As per a Pakistani newspaper, the Pakistan Cricket Board has been told to arrange a T20 series against India in 2021. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board hasn’t said anything officially so we can’t confirm that. Though one of the officials of the board said that they were told to start preparing for the series. He also told that the board was trying to get in touch with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for the series but PCB’s chairman completely denied any such rumors.

Though the bilateral series has no official confirmations, still both teams will clash in the ICC’s championship. The last match between India and Pakistan was before two years in the ICC world cup where the India team won the match by 89 runs.

Though it was expected that both the team will clash against each other in the Asia cup in 2021. However, as there are finals of the ICC World Test Championship to be played later this year and India will be playing there, it might not be possible to play against Pakistan as both the tournaments will take place at the same time.


As per PCB’s chairman, the Pakistan team will be busy in Pakistan Super League and they won’t have much time later this year. Also, the India team too won’t be able to play as they also have to prepare for the World Test Championship and they are having a tight schedule.

So, we don’t have any official news regarding Pakistan and India’s bilateral series. Do you think the series between both countries will be played this year?

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