IPL 2020 | Dwayne Bravo ruled out of IPL with groin injury: CSK CEO

Welcome back to our freaky cricket lovers! IPLs are going on and if any cricketer is injured at the time of IPLs, it’s seriously awful.

Today, we’re back with the Chennai Super Kings all-rounder Dwayne Bravo’s groin injury, due to which he couldn’t bowl the final over against Delhi Capitals which was on 17th October. 

Dwayne Bravo who is playing on the behalf of CSK for many years and is popular for his tremendous batting and “at the death” bowling, could not able to play the finals as he has been suffering from a groin injury which is caused due to the low range of motion of the hip joint and this bad news was told by CEO of Chennai Super Kings, Kashi Viswanathan to PTI.  

IPL 2020 | Dwayne Bravo ruled out of IPL with groin injury: CSK CEO
IPL 2020 | Dwayne Bravo ruled out of IPL with groin injury: CSK CEO

Chennai Super Kings already have very slim chances of advancing to the playoffs as they won only three matches out of ten, and in this critical situation, the injury of Dwayne Brave demotivates the team more and makes the situation harsher! 

CSK also lacks senior and expert team members like Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh, who were pulled out citing personal reasons. Now, it’s a very difficult and pressurized situation for the team CSK.

Is the injury serious!

Frankly, all those athletes who use extreme movements like twisting, kicking, running, or jumping are commonly prone to this injury. Majorly this injury happened when there’s a lot of pressure on the thighs which further tears the muscle and causes injury. 

The major symptoms to diagnose the injury are swelling, bruising, and difficulty in walking and running. If someone is diagnosed he or she must take proper rest and don’t dare to overstrain during training as this leads to severe problems! 

Usually, they are not serious and can be cured within 2 to 3 weeks by applying ice on the swelling portion, but sometimes strain is severe and take quite a long time to recover and need proper medical treatment. 

So, buddies let watch, how will the team manage their position in the ongoing IPLs without the talented Bravo.

Stay tuned and keep in touch to know more ups and downs in the teams! 

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