‘IPL 2021 is not over till each one of you has reached your home, safe and sound’ – BCCI’s assurance to overseas players

With increasing Covid-19 cases in India, people are getting afraid and concerned about the safety of themselves and their families. Recently we saw cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin leave the Indian Premier League in the middle to support his family as his family has also tested positive for Covid-19.

The players who are playing in the Indian Premier League are also playing with a huge risk and they can also be caught by the virus at any time.


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has come to assure all the players playing in the tournament. The Chief Operating Officer of BCCI, Mr. Hemang Amin sent a letter to the IPL players where he wrote that there are a lot of overseas players who might be concerned about how they will go back after the tournament ends.

They shouldn’t worry about all those things as they are guests of the Board and the Board will ensure their safety and their way back to their respective homes.

He added that BCCI will take care of all the arrangements so that all the overseas players will get back to their home countries safely. The Board is taking good care of their players in such a pandemic situation and all the rules are also strictly followed.

That is the reason not a single player in the tournament has tested positive for Covid-19. BCCI is currently discussing with the government authorities for making the arrangements so that the players will be able to go to their homes.

Hemang also wrote in his letter that until the last person of the tournament doesn’t get to his home safely, the tournament is not over. However, there has been a new order that the teams in the bio-secure bubble will not be able to order food from outside.

There was food ordering from outside permitted earlier but looking at increasing cases, BCCI has suggested the teams not to order anything outside the hotel. The precautions have been taken very strictly and the bio-bubbles are also getting strengthened.

It is very important to take things seriously as BCCI is already taking a risk arranging matches while the whole country is told to be in their houses. the rules should be strictly followed or else we’ll soon see a positive case from the players, the way it happened last year. Hopefully, no one gets tested positive and the tournament ends safely. By the way, who do you think will win the IPL 2021?

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