IPL 2022: Which Teams Will Qualify For Playoffs? Situation Of All The Teams Revealed!

The excitement of IPL 2022 has now reached its peak. Gujarat Titans and Lucknow SuperGiants have performed very well in their debut season itself. There are only a few matches left in IPL 2022 which are going to decide the playoff position of the teams.

Although the journey of two successful IPL teams in this season is over, they can still prove to be a threat to the rest of the teams. We will talk about it here but before that let us see which team can face difficulties in the playoffs and which teams can easily complete this journey.

Road to playoff is easy for Gujarat and Lucknow

Gujarat Titans and Lucknow SuperGiants, the two teams that have debuted in IPL 2022, are performing well in their first season itself. This season both the teams are in the first and second positions in the points table. Gujarat Titans are at the first position this season with 16 points from 2 losses, while Lucknow SuperGiants are at the second position with 14 points after 3 losses.

Gujarat now only has to play CSK, RCB, Mumbai Indians and Lucknow SuperGiants. If Gujarat wins one of these matches, then their place in the playoff will be confirmed. On the other hand, talking about Lucknow, they now have to win only two matches, after which they can comfortably secure a place in the playoffs.

Difficulties may increase for Rajasthan and Bangalore

Talking about the points table of IPL 2022, Rajasthan Royals is in third place and RCB in fourth place. Both the teams have 12 points each but Rajasthan’s net run rate is better than Bangalore. Rajasthan now has 4 matches to play and if it wins all these matches then it can become a strong contender to go to the playoffs. At the same time, RCB now have to play three matches and after winning these three, this team can qualify for the playoffs.

On the other hand, Delhi Capitals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Punjab Kings and KKR can also qualify for the playoffs. But it can be a bit difficult for KKR because even if it wins all its matches now, it will have 16 points but it will be behind in terms of run rate due to which it will be difficult to qualify for the playoffs but Delhi, Hyderabad And Punjab can win their remaining matches and pave the way for the playoffs.

CSK and MI can create problems for other teams

CSK and MI are two such teams which are considered to be the successful team of IPL because while Mumbai Indians have won the title 5 times under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, while CSK has won the trophy 4 times under the captaincy of Dhoni but this season In this, both these teams were seen yearning for victory. Both these teams are at the last position in the points table as well.

Although the doors of the playoffs have been closed for CSK and MI, they can still create problems for the rest of the teams. Actually, MI is yet to play 5 while CSK has to play 4 matches in which both the teams can be seen trying to come up in the points table with victory, due to which it can prove to be a threat to the other teams.

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