IPL Changes Some Major Rules Before The Start Of The Tournament

Before starting the IPL, there may be many changes in the rules. Although the BCCI or the IPL Governing Council has not yet announced anything, they are considering changes to several rules. Notable among them are DRS and Super Over Rules.

According to sources, there was one DRS in every match in IPL. This means that both teams could appeal against the umpire’s decision once in each innings. But from this time, DRS may be increased from one to two. This means that teams can appeal against the umpire’s decision twice if they wish.

It is also learned that if the Super Over is not completed within the stipulated time at the play-off level, the team at the top of the league list may be declared the winner.

Covid may also change the rules of the biological fort. The teams will not be able to go anywhere by air to avoid infection. In other words, all the teams have to travel by bus from Mumbai to Pune.

At the same time, if a team cannot field 11 cricketers due to Covid, the game may be postponed to another day. The technical committee of IPL will decide what will happen if the game is not played on that day.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has proposed that the rules for changing the edge of the batter in case of a catch may also change. From this time on, even if a non-striking batter moves to the striking edge before a batsman is caught out, a new batsman will come and stand at the batting edge. 

This time the competition is going to start on March 26. The previous season’s finalists Kolkata Knight Riders, and Chennai Super Kings, will kick off the tournament.

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