KKR: Can They Still Get Into IPL 2022 Playoffs? Here Are The Calculations

This year’s IPL competition began in the midst of extreme insanity, as it does every year. Previously, eight teams competed, but this year’s Indian Premier League began with ten.

Lucknow and Gujarat, making their debut as a new team, astounded everyone with their performances. Despite a strong start, Kolkata Knight Riders, one of the most successful teams in IPL history and last year’s finalists, has now fallen behind after losing five consecutive games.

Currently, Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata team is at the bottom of the points table, but they have a chance to advance to the play-offs. Let’s take a look at how numbers are calculated. Only three of the nine matches played in the league have been won by Kolkata in IPL 2022 so far. 

They have now lost 5 consecutive matches as a result of their loss to Delhi in the previous match. However, there is still hope that KKR has not completely disbanded.

They Must Win All Of Their Matches

According to the statistics, if they win the remaining five matches at 5, their total points will be 16, and Kolkata will have a chance to advance directly to the play-off without relying on any other team.

What If They Win Four Out Of Five?

If Kolkata wins at least four of the next five games, the road to the playoffs will be difficult. In that case, four wins would give them 14 points.

As a result, you must rely on the other teams in the league. Many teams have been able to advance to the playoffs with 14 points in recent years. The net run rate became the main topic of discussion in that case.

What Happens After Losing Two Of Five Matches?

If KKR loses at least two of the five matches, they will be eliminated from the group league. Because in that case, their points total will be 12, making it nearly impossible for them to finish in the top four of the ten teams at the moment.

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