Kolkata Knight Rider Have Olympic Sprinter In the Slot

Kolkata Knight Rider is the strongest team on paper in IPL 2020. They have an amazing batting line-up that can make a bowler’s day worst. They are strong at bowling too, they have world-class pacers and medium-fast bowlers. 

Having a player like Tom Baton and Eoin Morgan as the new teammates on the team, KKR becomes stronger after having Andre Russell in third position (declared By Coach McCullum).

Excluding these three power hitters, the team still has Dinesh Kartik, Sunil Narine, Nitish Rana and Shubhnam Gill, and more on the slot. 

This team is full of power hitters who play long innings and full of wicket-taking bowlers like Kuldeep Yadav, Mavi, Prasidh Krishna, Pat Cummins, and Ferguson. But KKR has some twist this time by adding Chris Donaldson as the Conditioning Coach. 

Chris Donaldson the Kiwi Sprinter

Chris Donaldson the Kiwi sprinter who represented New Zealand two times in the Olympics will guide the players on the pros and cons to enhance their skills in running, running is a major part in every game, and enhancing such skills will be a big advantage for a team. 

Chris said in cricket it comes to running between the wickets, fielding, or bowling the ball. Each one of these has run in it, and after undergoing some exercise and some other activities players can develop the skill sprint efficiently. 

Running on the international level from 1995, Chris had developed his own format of the exercise and as said by the KKR player “Mavi”, Donaldson has a very good format of exercise and he can easily spot where players lag and what makes them lag while sprinting. Chris Donaldson can help bowlers with their run-up and make them comfortable to adapt his ideas. 

Chris doesn’t want to change everything, he will just look forward to quick movement patterns, how their reflex works, and how they jump and move.

He will correct them at some point, as the players are really good at their game, said Chris Donaldson. Such kind of coaches was added by KKR and at that time they won the title. Let’s see if this time KKR lifts the Trophy or not.

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