Kylie Clarke has moved on from former Test cricket skipper Michael Clarke after being spotted making out with another sportsperson. 

It’s been reported by many sources that Kylie Clarke, the very famous Australian model now has moved on from former Test cricket skipper Michael Clarke. This was confirmed after she was sighted making out with another Sportsperson. 

It’s now been confirmed by many officials that Kylie Clarke has decided to end up his marriage and moved on from the cessation of her seven-year marriage to Michael Clarke, the former Australian Test cricket captain. 

Being apart for a long time and situations aren’t going the way they expected, after a mutual decision, they came to end up their marriage. This particular decision struck due to reigniting an old flame.  

 They have a four-year-old daughter named Kelsey-Lee. It’s hard to say, but this decision is somewhat not good for the little girl. 

Who She Was Spotted?

Kylie Clarke, well-known with his famous maiden name Boldy, has reportedly surprised us with the news of her relationship with James Courtney the famous V8 Supercars driver. 

This news got confirmed after she and James were sighted kissing very passionately on the trackside at Bathurst last Thursday. This news was first affirmed by The Daily Telegraph. 

Michael Already Moved On-

It’s not Kylie but Michael has already moved on with Pip Edwards who’s among the list of famous fashion designers.  Moreover, this news came first as the pair went public in June.

Courtney not in love for the first time but also been unlucky in love. His previous love ended a war that looks scripted. 

His 16-year marriage ended up after an uncertain and chaotic public fight. The situation ignited after his ex-wife Carys, flew to Hawaii with publican Stu Laundy. 

Everything happens for a reason; they hope they stay together with those they decided after getting separated.  For more such reads just stay connected and notified with every fresh update. 

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