Mark Wood Says Bowling Against the Aussies Is Nothing but Added Impulse.

Australia is considered one of the most destructive squads in the entire globe. Their strength is everything and there’s negligible weakness. They play with strong unity and with good understanding.

They understand what the opponents are thinking and what they are trying to do. Australia has a great bowling attack with the best Pacers in the world like Starc, the best Medium fast bowlers like Kane and Hazelwood, and Best spinners like Lion and Zampa.

On the other hand, a team like England is getting stronger by having players like Jofra-the world-class pacer- they have the best batting line up to date. England has the blasting openers for white-ball cricket. They had a very good time last year, they won the maiden world cup, they drew the ashes. 

The reason behind all they had last year was teamwork but the only player who took the whole responsibility and played the whole inning till the end and saved the team from the bat, as well as ball, was Ben Stokes, he was awarded as the best all-rounder in the world.

 Mark woods desperation to beat Australia

Mark Wood

Mark Wood in an interview with ESPN Cricinfo said he is excited to play against Australia and he is all set to defeat them. He is so desperate to defeat Australia he mentioned he will bowl as lace as he can to take more wickets. 

After dropping out of the Test with West Indies, Mark wood is all set to bowl Australia, he added playing with Australia is an extra incentive for them. The England team is looking good and in-form, after adding Jofra in their team Mark didn’t bowl the first over. 

Australia is very strong now after having Steve Smith and David Warner on board. Players are looking good and they are ready for the face-off. Captain Morgan is ready to have blasting combat, after watching his innings with Pakistan everyone is impressed.

What We Can Expect Now?

Australia is all set to tour England, the match will be on 4 September between England and Australia, it would be great to watch the match between two old rivals. As the two strong teams will compete and let’s see who will win the title and it would be great to watch Mark wood too after this. For more cricket updates, just Stay Tuned!

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