MS Dhonis Being Yogi In Cricket, Expert At Unfasten Himself From Results Reveals by Javagal Srinath

MS Dhoni greets as a ‘yogi’ by former Indian cricketer Javagal Srinath given his capacity to stay serene and free himself from results. Moreover, Srinath stated that Dhoni a former cricketer of international cricket initially this month knows at what time he should detach from the game.

Srinath reveals on offspinner’s YouTube show talking to R Ashwin. He stated that Dhoni is a yogi. The way he has appreciated the game, his unit to consequences. He used to hand the most pried cups to anyone else after the victory and walks away, the way he talks and behaves.

“He looks into the things when things are not running well on the pitch and whenever the team is struggling, his composure and body speech as like nothing is wrong. He could only be a yogi to be an amazing cricketer. It is best for you that much of the senses you take off from the game at the perfect time. And undoubtedly Dhoni is master at doing that thing and I have umpteen respect for the man.”

Srinath remembers the time when he first time met Dhoni back in 2003 during India A’s tour of Kenya.

Ashwin said in response that we are chatting about 1991-92 till 2020, but I felt as a bowler the time I started playing the IPL in 2009-10. I was feeling like the stitch of the ball has gone. However, we have to adopt it as you mentioned that it was the demand for the latest game.

“ At present, we have an amazing fast bowling quarter that India has ever made. Things have different because of IPL maybe and you bowl throughout the force. 10-12 years of good IPL will make one a great bowler.”

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