Nagaland Women All Out For 17, Mumbai Chase Down Target in 4 Balls

There is a new record made by Indians again in Cricket. In a women’s Senior one-day trophy, The Nagaland women cricket team was batting first and got all out for just 17 runs. It wasn’t quite a tough target for the opponent. The opponent team Mumbai team chased down the Nagaland team’s target of 17 runs in just 4 balls without losing any wicket.

The match was played on Wednesday at Holkar Stadium, Indore. It was the Women’s Senior One Day tournament in which the Nagaland team was batting first. Sayali Satghare, a medium pacer bowler from Mumbai Team, took 5 wickets for 7 runs and the Nagaland team resulted in getting all out at just 7 runs.

It was a very awkward moment for the Nagaland team as their decision of batting first got messed up. Talking about the Nagaland team’s batting, the first four batsmen of the team got out without making a single run. The highest score by any Nagaland player was Sariba who scored 9 runs at seventh position.


It was the fastest chase by any team in India. They won the match in just 4 balls. We don’t think there’s any team to do that in India. Mumbai team’s opening batsmen were enough to take out the whole Nagaland team’s score single-handedly. Esha Oza and Vrushali Bhagat played for the Mumbai team who hit three 4s and one six to chase the target.

Even though the Nagaland team scored just 17 runs, they did manage to stay on the pitch for 17.4 hours. They played more than 100 balls to scores 17 runs. These kinds of bizarre things happen when the players come to play without any practice. The Nagaland team should work more on their team and make a better team instead of having players who can’t score.

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