Ranking the 5 fittest cricketers in world cricket currently

Cricket is one of those games which requires a lot of practice to learn. It also needs speed, accuracy, and skills to get better in the game. Fitness is also one of those factors which play a very important role in cricket.

Not only cricket but fitness is important in almost all sports. Fitness is very important in the game as if a person is not fit, he won’t be able to run quickly or stand on the ground for a whole day in test matches.

In terms of fitness, we have seen a lot of cricketers working hard on fitness in the last few years. The Indian Cricket Board has also introduced different fitness test which players have to pass if they want to be in the team.

The board is very strict with the fitness category and has also dropped two players recently as they couldn’t pass the fitness test. We have ranked five players who are the most fit in the world.



1. Virat Kohli – The Indian player is undoubtedly the fittest player on earth today. We have seen Kohli running quickly between the wickets and defending the boundaries. Kohli is not only the fittest player in the world but also one of the greatest batsmen too.

2. Ravindra Jadeja – The Indian all-rounder is one of the sharpest players in world cricket today. Jadeja has shown brilliant performances in several matches in the past and has shown his speed and accuracy on the ground.

3. David Warner – The Australian batsman comes third in the list. David Warner is 34 years old but still quicker than most of the players in the world. Warner has been the reason for Australia’s win in several matches.

4. Kagiso Rabada – Kagiso Rabada is a South African bowler and has worked a lot on his fitness. Rabada has also said in an interview that he likes being fit. It made him feel good and it also improved his self-confidence.

5. Ben Stokes – The England player comes fifth in the list. Stokes has recently shown his fitness in the test match against West Indies last year in which he stopped a boundary by running very fast.

Stokes is an all-rounder and a very good performer. He is 29 years old and he runs like a 20 year when on the ground. Stokes is the fittest player from the England team so far.

So, which one of the above mentioned do you like the most?

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