Sachin Tendulkar Received “Unexpected Tourist” When He Was Preparing His “Favourite Snack Vada Pav”

The Indian Cricketer legend shared some images on Instagram repeating his love for VadaPau he is much fond of. Let’s Check!

Sachin Tendulkar is found of straight drive and that is revealed now as he has mentioned this in numerous interviews. One more thing that is no secret from anyone that is his love for ‘VadaPav’. VadaPav is the most renowned fast food in Mumbai. 

Tendulkar shared some of the pictures on Sunday on Instagram, once more repeating his love for VadaPav- the most favorite food in Mumbai.

So, he was making his ‘favorite snack’ and he got an “unexpected visitor” in the type of a cute kitty. The cat was looking on from behind the wall as Sachin was doing his work. 

Sachin Tendulkar Received “Unexpected Tourist” When He Was Preparing His “Favourite Snack Vada Pav”
Sachin Tendulkar Received “Unexpected Tourist” When He Was Preparing His “Favourite Snack Vada Pav”

Sachin shares his feeling and wrote, “VadaPav is, was, and will be my favorite food. Additionally had an unusual guest who was looking keen to have one also. Scroll more to watch the visitor, with some of the images he put of that time.”

Harbhajan Singh who is Sachin’s former teammate and off-spinner(veteran)  commented on the ex-India batsman’s post, requesting him to make a dish of VadaPav for him also.

Harbhajan posted a comment like make one for me too even, who has taken a break from IPL 2020 due to some personal reasons.  

So, the thing is like that the legendary cricketer tries his hands at various dishes at the time of a pandemic along with many other activities so preparing delicious meals is not the only one-affair he has done.

However, Sachin is the top run-scorer in the one-day international as well as Test cricket and Tendulkar is the one and the only player to have scored 100 centuries at the international level. 


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