Sachin Tendulkar’s “Favourite Camerawoman” Captures Him Enjoying Mumbai Rains. Watch

We all know our Master Blaster most of the times comes on screen with a piece of news or his views related to cricket.

But a video on Wednesday just got a rapid and massive response from the fans, that shows how childish our God Of Cricket is. His smile and moves we’re quite similar to a kid and might looks like a kid at first sight.

Monsoon at the door started giving his glimpse in Mumbai also, rain changes the mood is now getting more clear after the video by Sara Sachin’s Daughter.

Sachin Tendulkar is quite active on social media if we compare from the last couple of weeks. Sachin often gives his fans and supporters a short glimpse of his personal life, apart from sharing his points related to cricket or any news related to the world of cricket. 

Sachin Tendulkar's "Favourite Camerawoman" Captures Him Enjoying Mumbai Rains. Watch
Sachin Tendulkar’s “Favourite Camerawoman” Captures Him Enjoying Mumbai Rains. Watch

Last Wednesday, the retired India batsman shared a short video on Instagram. In the video, we can clearly see our Master Blaster enjoying the Mumbai rains with childish innocence. 

The voice behind the lens figures out its Sara Tendulkar’s daughter, who could be heard saying, Sachin as a kid, enjoying the Mumbai rains.

After this video gets to upload, it’s spreading like a forest fire. In return, Sachin’s fans and supporters were found sharing this video on every social media platform. Such a huge fanbase clearly says how big our legend is.

Quarantine has somewhat changed the mind of every individual, people are found quite busy in funding a proper source of entertainment, with no sports, no movies, everything looks dull. Thus folk started finding happiness on every small thing they get into.

The same our Maser Blaster did on Wednesday and now getting appreciated for his childish deed and down to earth way of thinking

You can easily watch the complete video on Sachin’s official Instagram account. Also on every social media platform with a caption similar to the official post at present.

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