In earlier times, Bowlers used to practice really hard to improve their skills. But now a days, it seems like cricket has become too batsmen friendly. Bowlers have lost their willingness to improve their skills and innovate themselves. Former Australian Captain and spinner Shane Warne is very disappointed with players for that.

He said that it looks like bowlers have accepted the fact that no matter how hard they try, the batsmen will hit the boundaries. The batsmen are improving their skill day-by-day and they will hit those massive sixes. Watson thinks that the bowlers are not improving at the same rate that the batsmen are.

In these recent years, Teams were able to chase a score of 200+ runs in 20 overs very easily, Because of smaller boundaries and field restrictions, things have become easier.

If a bowler gets smashed one day, there might be an off day for him, but if he is getting smashed in every match, then he really needs to work more on his skills. Because if things go on like this, then the day is not far when the cricket will only be a batsman’s game.

Shane Warne gave the statement after the match between Sydney Thunder and Brisbane Heat in Canberra where Brisbane very easily chased the massive target by Thunders and won the match. 

Warne is one of the greatest players of his time. He is Australia’s highest and world’s second highest wicket taker in test cricket. He has great records in One Day Internationals and T20 also.

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