Short-Pitched Bowling ‘Core Part of Cricket’ – World Cricket Committee

A few days ago, the members of the world cricket committee of Melbourne Cricket Club met and made some key changes in cricket rules and regulations. The committee is known as the lawmakers of the game and what they decide is the new rule. They have made some new decisions about which we will be discussed ahead.


A decision will be taken on short balls by the end of this year. As per the World Cricket Committee, Short pitch bowling is a core part of the game. All the members of the committee agreed to the statement and it seems like there will be a short pitch bowling rule for a long time in cricket. As they have decided to keep bouncers in the game, they have also shown their concerns for Junior cricket and lower age group tournaments.


Some decisions have been taken regarding the Decision Review System too. The committee has decided that the decision will be taken by ICC in this matter. It took a long debate between committee members before they concluded. As per the committee, if a fielder catches the ball within 30 yards of the circle then the on-field umpire would decide while if the catch is beyond that 30 yards then TV Umpire would be the judge and the field umpire will just show an insight signal. The committee has also requested ICC to have a uniform technology for the DRS instead of depending on the TV broadcasters.


The committee has decided on the saliva also that it was not mature to use saliva on the ball. Though the committee has not reached a final decision, instead they have put it in the hands of the current players, their views will be taken before making any changes in the rule.


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After the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen that in the cricket matches, an umpires were belonged to host countries only as there were covid restrictions and it wasn’t safe. But the committee members have decided that in future matches, there will be one neutral umpire and one will be the host umpire. The committee said that this decision will help umpires in traveling to different places and gaining experience and learning.

Do you think any of the decisions made by the committee was wrong or could have been better?

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