Sourav Ganguly Reveals That IPL Schedule To Be Released On Friday

The total plan of Indian Premier League 2020 will be untied on 4th September(Friday) declared by Saurav Ganguly-The BCCI president.

The IPL 2020 is plan to be held in UAE between September 19 and November 10. However, the perfect total itinerary is not officially declared yet. Ganguly confirmed that it’s on the edge of getting final.

“We believe that plans are delayed. It is almost on the edge of being final and untie by Friday”, stated by the president Ganguly as quoted by ABP news reports.

It was anticipated that the opening will be held amongst winners Mumbai Indians and 2019 runner up Chennai Super Kings. However, things are not on the track of Chennai Super Kings as 13 players of the CSK team, within two players came tested positive for COVID-19. So it could be assumed that CSK might not play in the opening level. Even CEO Kasi Viswanathan of Chennai Super Kings told that the team players are ready to play as opener indeed.

If CSK will not appear as opener, either Hyderabad Sunrisers, the runners-up of the 2018 edition, or Royal Challengers Banglore of Virat Kohli’s could be there for the opening.

“The IPL will take place as plans surely. Players are following the protocols so as not to worry. So there will not be any problem as per the BCCI treasurer(Arun Dhumal)- told IANS”. He added “IPL Chairman will be there in Dubai and he is looking into the matter. All the help are coming from the ECB in all possible ways. We need to hope for the best.”

Meanwhile, the number of the medical commission is asymptomatic and has been set in quarantine. The final number of new cases tested positive in UAE was 735 on Wednesday.

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