‘They are both Indians’: Sachin Tendulkar opens up on Rahane-Kohli captaincy debate!!

2020 hasn’t been a great year for the Indian skipper Virat Kohli as he failed to score even a single century in any format of the game. His leadership skills also came under fire this year and the vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane took over his captaincy after Kohli returned home.

On this captainship, great batsman Sachin Tendulkar opens up on Rahane-Kohli captaincy debate and states ‘They are both Indians!’ 

Recently a debate has been started ragging on giving Rahane the permanent captaincy as everyone is impressed by the captainship of Mumbai boy and he’s on the top of the headlines! 

Sachin seems disturbed from this decision as India having an enviable records in Tests under Kohli’s captaincy. He is known as the epitome of consistency and his this years’ failure didn’t decide his worth!

Debatable Conversation!

Kohli is the most successful Test captain in the cricket history with win percentage of over 50. But sill people criticize and debate on removing him from captaincy.

Some of the lost matches of 2020 via which he’s criticized badly are one in which India lost the Test series in New Zealand, his team Royal Challengers Bangalore failed to select in the finals of IPL, India also lost the One Day series and suffered humiliation in first Test at Adelaide Oval. 

But all those defeats will never ever going to overtake the victories team India achieved because oh Kohli’s captainship. 

‘no individual comes above India’

As per Sachin, he simply states that  people shouldn’t get into comparisons with Virat, as both of them has different personalities and Kohli’s intent was aggressive. 

He would like to remind that overall both are Indian players, so no individual comes above India as team and country is above everything else. 

About Steve Smith!

Honestly, the ICC Men’s Test Cricketer of the Decade named Steve Smith had a miserable time in the middle as he just able to scored 10 runs in 4 innings. To top it all off Ravichandran Ashwin has spun a web around Smith in the Test and confused him with his variations and length.

On this match, Tendulkar states in the second Test,  Steve Smith played a normal flick to a regulation off-break and it was a well planned ball and wicket by Ashwin. Both if them are class players and due to the spinning balls, Ashwin came out as the winner in first two Tests. 

Do you also think of replacing Virat Kohli by Ajinkya Rahane?

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