Vinod Kambli, a former Indian Cricketer, who is a left-handed batsman has expressed his wish to guide any of the teams of the Indian Premier League 2021. According to him, it is his long-cherished dream to consult either of the playing teams of IPL. 

Kambli presently coaches the players who look at cricket as a career option for them in Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) and Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy which is in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Vinod has played 17 Test matches, One Hundred and Four One Day Internationals, Two Hundred and Twenty-One List-A matches, and One Hundred and Twenty-Nine First-Class matches for India. He had played International cricket from 1991 to 2000. The last test played by Kambli was against New Zealand on the 8th of November 1995 and his last One Day International was in 2000 on 29 October with Pakistan. 

Vinod wants to convey Experience 

Vinod is reported to say that he has seen a lot of cricket and along with that he is filled with many narratives to tell the newcomers. He says that he follows the Indian Premier League every year and did this year too. Kambli could not play IPL back in 2008 for the reason that he had a major injury in his shin and one of his legs has an iron rod in it. 

But now he wants the young players to brush their cricketing skills with his assistance. Also, Vinod’s cover photo on Twitter says ‘I am an Overcomer’, this proves that he has won over the shortcomings of his and is all set to instruct the future players.

Kambli can be seen putting forward his opinion towards the practice session of Virat Kohli.

On Twitter, he retweeted Virat’s tweet which says-

This shows how keen and dedicated Vinod Kambli is towards his passion, ‘Cricket’. Holding similarities betwixt the powerplay of his times and Twenty20s of today’s, he adds that he can help the new generation batsman with newer strategies and approaches that should be taken and followed in a game. 

Vinod also can be spotted analyzing various moves and shots of players of IPL 2020 and the matches he follows. Here’s one of them-


Vinod Kambli has himself proposed that he would like to train and coach the forthcoming generation. It seems that those players are going to be lucky if trained by such a wonderful ex Indian Cricketer. 

Let us hope that his aspiring dream does come true. Feel free to share your thoughts with us cause you got freedom of expression, didn’t you?

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