Why is the ICC not giving its World Test Championship the chance to shine?

Everyone is excited to watch the World Test Championship and today we’ll dig deep about why is the ICC becomes stubborn and not ready to give its World Test Championship the chance to shine!

Maybe, ICC take this decison due to profit percentage or maybe due to the ongoing COVID-19 scenario, hence to know what exactly is going on, keep reading!

The ICC announced last week that the final teams would now be selected on the percentage of points earned by Australia, India, England and New Zealand teams which all will take part in the Championship held in England next June.

Every year WTC becomes more and more interesting till it reached the finale and nowadays every team is practicing and beginning to warm up!

But, in between the preparations, the new ICC chairman named Greg Barclay decided to chunk a bucket of cold water over it this week, which is seriously annoying for others!

And he did this because he didn’t feel sure whether it’s entirely fit for purpose and achieved what he might have hoped!

Maybe Barclay got this idea from the Gerald Ratner school of management and former chairman Colin Graves. Honestly, it’s true that WTC is quite awkward and compromising and follows a lopsided Byzantine points system, but still everyone waits for this championship every year.

Once a Wisden editor wrote that “a complex game needs simple structure” which is true, but WTC has the most complex structure made by ICC that the die-hard sports lover could also unable to understand it properly!

But overall, it’s not necessary that if Test cricket isn’t financially viable than WTC will also face the same. 

So, lets see will ICC give the opportunity to WTC to shine or no! What do you think on this, let us know and keep reading more

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