Former Indian Batsman WV Raman Said That Pujara Should Make The Best Use Of The Scoring Opportunities In England

WV Raman was the former coach of the Indian Women’s Team, and he was also the former batsman for India. He said that Chesteshwar Pujara should use the scoring opportunities in England because the conditions over there are difficult.

Raman gave this statement before the World Test Championship Final against New Zealand played from 18th June 2021 at Southampton.

WV Raman thinks Chestehwar Pujara should use the scoring opportunities in WTC Final and the Test series against England. Pujara takes a lot of time at the start to grind his innings, and he starts to attack the opposition bowlers.

But by doing so, Pujara also misses out on the scoring opportunities. Raman feels that Chesteshwar should be attacking, and he should play more shots at the start of his innings.

 Pujara will get the scoring opportunities anyway because it will be a typical England summer.  Raman also said that scoring runs in Australia is quite easy because there is no swing and seam. But in England, the ball does swing, seam, and bounce, so the batsmen will have to cope with them.

That is why it is essential for Pujara not letting those scoring opportunities go, which will help him score runs, build his confidence, and put pressure on the bowlers.

Further, Raman spoke about mental domination, and he gave the example of Aussie legend Shane Warne. Raman said that Warne was not a successful bowler against India because the Indian batsmen punished him on the loose deliveries. Pujara can be effective in the same way against New Zealand and England.

WV wants Pujara to play his natural game. But he should target one bowler and pick for runs. Pujara should do it quite often, and if he does that, more than even the best bowlers will come under pressure, and that bowler will think to save runs after he sees the resilience of Pujara. It should be only a few overs and time before Pujara can get better of the bowlers.

That how Pujara should play now against the Kiwis in that final, and in the past, the Indian batters played the same way against Warne. If they saw the length is short and the ball is on the wrong line, then the Indian players used to punish Warne, and so he wasn’t that successful bowler against India like he was against South Africa or England. Warne didn’t have that mental domination against India.        

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