Why Pakistani Cricketers Banned in IPL

There is a lot of popularity of the India Premier League in the world. However, the main controversy took place in the league when the official decided to ban Pakistani Cricketers from playing in the IPL. 

The controversy started in 2008 when the governing council decided not to include Pakistani players in the auction. This decision was taken because of having bad political relationships at that time. 

Everyone shows a different perception of this decision. Some people find it good for security reasons while someone said it is unfair for cricket, as it goes against the spirit of the game. 

Pakistani Cricketers in IPL

Why Pakistani Cricketers Banned in IPL

  • Several Pakistani players have played in the IPL before banning them. Let us know about those players and also their performance. 
  • Shahid Afridi played for Deccan Chargers in the 2008 and 2009 seasons in which he played 13 matches and scored 81 runs with 10 wickets. 
  • Shoaib Malik played for Delhi Daredevils in 2008 where he played 6 matches and scored 137 runs. 
  • Sohail Tanvir played for Rajasthan Royals in 2008 and took 22 wickets in just 11 matches. There was also a five-wicket haul in one match. 
  • Mohammad Asif played for Delhi Daredevils in 2008 where he took 8 wickets in 8 matches. 
  • Abdul Razzaq played for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2008 and for Kings XI Punja in 2011 and 2012. He scored 197 runs and took 13 wickets in 20 matches. 

Reasons for Banning Pakistani Cricketers in IPL

The Indian Premier League faced a lot of criticism for adding Pakistani players to the league. There are several reasons why Pakistani Cricketers are Banned in IPL. 

Political tensions between both of these countries were the main reasons for banning Pakistani cricketers from the IPL. It was mainly done after a terror attack by Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai.

Security concerns are another reason for banning Pakistani cricketers because, in 2009, there was an attack that happened near the hotel of the Srilankan team, which raised concerns about the safety of International players. 

The Indian government didn’t allot visas to Pakistani players, the reason was not clear. Due to this, Pakistani players couldn’t take part in the IPL. 

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Impact of the Ban on Pakistani Cricketers in IPL

Why Pakistani Cricketers Banned in IPL

The ban on Pakistani Cricketers has caused significant losses. Some of the biggest impacts are –

There is a huge loss of income for Pakistani players because IPL is a lucrative league in the world and Pakistan lost the financial opportunity. They have also lost the opportunity to gain exposure in the T20 format. 

This ban has also restricted Pakistani players to showcase their talent on a global stage. The exclusion from IPL limits their ability to play with class players of the entire world.

The ban added to the strained relationship between India and Pakistan. Everyone has thought that this decision has been taken due to political effects. 

Alternatives to Banning Pakistani Cricketers in IPL

Everyone has different views on banning IPL Players in the IPL. However, the franchise owners have different views. Let us know what they think about this. 

In 2018, Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shahrukh Khan expressed his desire to add Pakistani Players to the IPL because Sports is beyond boundaries and he wants IPL to become a global league again. 

In 2019, Sunrisers Hyderabad coach Tom Moody stated that he would be open to ideas for adding Pakistani Players to the team if the opportunity arises. 

Chennai Super Kings owner Kasi Vishwanathan said that he wouldn’t prefer Pakistani Players because he is pretty much aware of the political relationships between India and Pakistan. 

In 2020, Mumbai Indians owner Aakash Ambani said that he would prefer Pakistani players if they meet the team’s requirements. He said that the decision would be based on cricket considerations, not political views. 

Criticism of the Ban on Pakistani Cricketers in IPL

Pakistan Players have lost the opportunity of grooming with this ban and they have to go with severe losses. Experts have given different views on this matter, let us know about some of their views. 

Harsha Bhogle, a well-known cricketing expert criticized the ban and said that cricket should be above politics. 

Former Indian Captain Kapil Dev supported the ban and said that Pakistani players should be banned as long as there are tensions between India and Pakistan. 

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has condemned the ban, stating that it is unfair to deprive Pakistani players of the opportunity to showcase their talents in the IPL.

The cricketing administrator and former chairman of the IPL Lalit Modi said that it is a bad moment for IPL and the cricket as a whole.